A Little History Of The Team

Hey Everybody,

Here is a note I got from John last night and I thought you might like to give it a read. A little summary of how far we have come. The whole thing started in 2010 with Kathy, Arnie, Bill and me heading out from the bike shop for a 10 mile ride. The seed was planted at the 2010 Tour de Cure where Kathy and I met Bill and a month later he came out after I suggested to Dennis at the shop that we create a ride for normal riders that don’t ride very fast or very far, Just a comfortable way for folks to get back on their bike and just “go for a ride.” We originally called it the “No Spandex Required Ride.” Arnie got wind of our group from my talking to him at work, initially he sponsored me for the diabetes ride and when we talked about starting a group to ride with on the weekends he was all in.  From there things grew and grew as a result of everybody’s input. Michael Stewart while working on our original jersey design recommended we cal the group “Team Boris.” It was a far cry better than “The Yin/Yang Chain Gang.” And from there we evolved on the strength of a  bunch of good ideas from the team. Sheryl found the Savannah ride which has now become a staple for us and along the way we picked up Oz from the MS 150 ride. Oz begat the RWL ride and as you can see from John’s letter there was a  ”Heart Ride” along the way and that was our first attempt at anchoring our own charity ride, Sheila was the impetus behind the heart ride. John, Nikki, Nat and Lily have taken off with Team Boris Racing and now Nat is with a pro cycling development team and Lily is placing in some very big state events. A new group of juniors are starting with John, Ethan has been out for a couple of weeks and we have Jacob, Brittany and Niall starting soon. The team has a strong relationship with coach Bob (a nationally recognized and respected) cycling coach. Team Boris has become a USA Cycling sanctioned team and John has his coaches license from USA cycling. But through it all our core purpose and function is to help the beginning rider get on their bike and have a good time and a good ride. After that the sky is the limit but as you all know I will always defer to the beginning rider every Saturday morning at 8AM and when I am not there anyone else from the team who is anchoring knows that the true 10 miler is the reason we are there, because there was a point when a 10 mile ride was something Kathy and I hoped to achieve one day. The support continues not only from our home shop WGWW but from Orange Cycle who has been onboard with us from very early on. And I want to mention here that without every asking Orange Cycle (Kristin, Mel, Nichole, Theis, Jason, Andrew, Howard, Deena…..) started to give us a 10% discount, amazingly nice. There are a bunch of great stories to tell and trips like Savannah and team dinners give us the chance to get caught up and get an idea of “where to next.” The idea of developing coaching for cyclists and triathletes has just come up and we are exploring that thought with some really talented people. Like I said “The Sky Is The Limit” or maybe I should say Team Sky is the limit…little cycling humor.

I got to rambling here a little but I hope you enjoyed getting caught up a little on the background of Team Boris. And now to the original reason for this letter. John’s letter below…please read. And he does mean it when he says he is willing to help with goal achieving. 

Peace and Bikes

Steve & Boris


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From: John Worcester <jworcester@bellsouth.net>
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Subject: Oh My G**

On the 28th of August 2011 Nat & I registered for a 30 mile ride to support “the first annual heart ride for team boris”.

Last Saturday (Aug 17th 2013) I rode with a 30 plus strong group all riding for their own personal goals and more importantly “FOR FUN”

WOW we blocked the trail, not on purpose but by accident – a mass of “DON’T WORRY RIDE HAPPY”

We have a developing group of Junior Riders who just enjoy riding, and with fun and excitement they will enjoy racing.

Their riding must not interfere with all the other pressures of their education, but combined carefully they can develope into great role models.

This weekend at the track my two kids made me a very proud father, Sunday I had no voice from shouting but who cares. Nikki said I should shout more ( her week would be so quiet ).

Steve, please confirm to all our riders whatever problem or snag they are having with achieving their goals, let me know, I’ll do anything I can to help.

Please keep focused on the Facebook page that we all post on, and see you all Saturday.




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