Nat’s Weekend Race Report

Hi Steve,
Not sure where to start. Saturday was a disaster, I had a 51 mile road race on this course, (, 1st lap was real good I was on 6th wheel through the feed zone. During lap 2 we had a bad crash and the race was neutralized so we were back together, But once we were released it was such a scramble that there was another wreck, and I was right behind it. That was my race over. It got worse when I just tried to ride the last lap out, but got a flat in the front wheel. The best thing all day was my dad picking me up because 7 miles would have been a long walk back.
Lily went off 1st with the Lady’s Cat 4 and she did great!!
I forgot Coach Bob, he came 2nd in the men’s 60+.
Lily was a bit upset when she got cut off in a final corner but safety is important and she came 4th.
My race was intense! The hammer was down and Cat 3/ Cat 4 was fast. I was not sure who was in what class?? I tried to stay in the top group, first 15 riders. Dad and Coach Bb are shouting at me to move up. HOW.?.?.? There is no way through. I’m on my own out there and this is a really tight course. I hold my own and as they ring the bell for the last lap there’s a crash on the first corner. Only 3 rider’s go down and I get through. It’s Chaos. To be truthful – I rode as hard as I could to the finish line but until the results were read, I had no idea where I had come. 10th Overall in the race but 2nd in Cat 4. What can I say, I’m happy!!
Lily will post some pictures and I’m not racing next weekend so hopefully I can ride with you

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