Lily’s Race Update

Hi Steve,
       WOW,what a weekend of racing!  I was 35 seconds behind at the first lap, but by lap 3 I had caught the pack & my competiton.  For the next 4 laps she sat on my wheel and would not take her turn that much!  As the race got close to the finish it was up hill and my legs had nothing left.  She pulled ahead and beat me about 1/2 a bike, (can’t say what I really thought about her winning).
     On Sunday we had a crash in the Junior race, and of course I got stuck behind them and we got split up, I could not get back in the race but still got 2nd place. It’s not very rewarding racing by yourself, but it’s good when you look back and have beaten most of the boys. CRASH…..BANG…..POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Dad should I enter the women’s race?…   Dad says yes, Coach Bob says yes.  I’m IN!!  I didn’t do too great but I finished.  It was “SSSSSOOOOO” hard 45 mins at race pace, but next Sunday I’m on for “Dade City Criterium”. On Tuesday I went down to the track, OMG it is so aggresive and fast. Nat did really well and WON the 3rd race. I’m so excited & blown away that Nat won.
   I can’t wait till next Tuesday.  It is electic, there is so much going on. Hope you like the pictures and videos I will send to you in another email.
P.S- Next week I’m racing.
                                                           Lily Worcester

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