Nat’s Race Update

Hi Steve,
    Well it was a great start to the FL Race Series. Jacob did a great  job on Saturday and Lily upset so many boys by keeping a constant pace and using a TT (Time Trial) style ride to catch and wear them down and pass them. I had a personal race with Mikey(Garmin) and we should have been watching because we were nudging for 1st and 2nd and ended up 2nd and 3rd with a rogue rider taking 1st. WHOOPS.
    Let’s go to Sunday, 7 laps at 7 miles = 49 miles, with Category 5 men. It was really fast not dropping below 25 mph, But I stayed with the breakaway group and worked really hard, but I broke at mile 47 on a small hill and cramped up. I managed to get back on the back of the break but when we got to the last hill and my right leg went into spasm and locked up. It was heart breaking to see the pack catch and ride away and you can’t do anything about it. I still came 3rd, but it should have been my race, Boris should have been on top of the podium and I will be making sure this does not happen again.
    On the 29th I represent Team Boris Cycling at the velodrome and I have no idea what I will take on, but I would like to pass on some thoughts dad talked to me about to make the difference between racing and achieving because Team Boris is about achieving and we have important rides coming up. When riding in your group at Tour de Cure or MS  or Ride Without Limits or whatever (Thanks Lily) to think about this:
    1. Be predictable
Meaning hold your line and to use signals like sudden braking, swerving or accelerating when in line.
    2. Keep the pace.
Stay  even with fellow riders. Don’t get sucked into faster groups and sit in a pack when you can to feel the benefit of drafting.
    3. Look ahead
Do not stare at the front wheel ahead, try to look beyond the route/terrain and be ready for the changes.
    If anyone has any worries or questions about the goals they have set dad is always available at and he is so pleased to help.
Steve thank you
Love and Peace

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