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I did manage to drag myself out of bed at about 6AM realizing I made it through the night without a kitty emergency. The planets had aligned to finally let me get back out for a temple start (thank you planets). Kathy slept in with plans to join the group at the shop at 8. It has been a few months since I started the Saturday shenanagans from the temple and being cold and damp did nothing to infuse me with excitement. But heck, the planets aligned and who am I to look a gift planet in the mouth or crater or whatever maw is assignable to a planet. It really was nice to cover familiar real estate again no matter how ugly the riding was, and it was ugly.

 At the shop I met up with Kathy, Gary-Jo, George, Noah (grandchild) and Bob. There was a collective energy directing the ride to evolve into a spin to Killarney and back. Kathy had decided the night before this was her limit and the rest of the group was right there with her. A picture ensued and we were off.

 We bumbled along to Killarney where after a short break my riding partners turned wheelseast back to Winter Garden and the warmth and safety of Axum. The invite to join everybody was floated and in the staring up from the bottom of a cold wet hole it was mighty inviting. Problem was I promised myself a ride to the lake, so off I rode.

 Today on the trail it was Team Boris A-Poppin. On the way I ran into Randy and new Team Boris member Gary. We had a trail-side gab session until they departed east as I pushed to the lake. At the lake I called Kathy and she let me know she ran into Alona and Tom at the shop and they were headed in my direction. A few minutes of rehydration and refueling and I was off to home.

I started back and ran into randy and Gary again and they let me know they saw Alona and Tom also but they were turned towards home so I would miss them. I rode past Killarney and stopped at the shop for some face-time with our favorite bike shop guys. Just before my setting off from the shop the sun came out, blessings, prayer answered. I slowly made waves for the temple appreciating the warming and thawing that was going on. I do not do well in colder weather and was happy to be wrapping this one up.

 I must admit I was thankful that my ride to the lake and back was a solo effort. My riding was terrible, not terrible in an “I was crashing into stuff and falling over sort of way.” No, just terrible in a “Have I ever ridden a bicycle this far and up these kind of hills” sort of way. No flow, no rhythm, just grind. But we all have those days, oh-well.

First temple start in a few months and besides being chilly and damp for almost three hours all was good, not very impressive but good.


Sunday Sunday Sunday:

 We did make our way to the trail head at 8AM. On the way we got a couple of text messages from Judith explaining what had gone wrong and why she would not be able to make it. At the start line Michael, Sheryl and Zach were getting ready. Things would progress slowly because we were not going to push Michael seeing how his heart stuff is not all the way figured out. On our way north we passed an old friend, Stephanie as she jogged south. Quick shouts of recognition followed and we continued our northern push.

We puttered along at just above noodle pace for the 7 miles to Panera. Once there we turned this into a true leisurely Sunday morning ride. Breakfast was on and we spent some time getting caught up on things. As we sat there Barry and Linda wheeled past. After a bit it was time to head home. On the way home we stopped by the painted fence and spoke with the artist. Very cool guy. Stephanie passed again, this time north bound. Team Stewart-Logan blasted off and Kathy and I meandered back and wrapped up a great weekend of riding.

Don’t forget the Santa ride next Saturday (12/22). Kids visit with Santa at the shop from 3-5PM and at 6 we roll out for the bike ride portion. Dennis is scouting a neighborhood route for us to ride. The ride itself will be a mile or two. You will need lights on your bike. Not just optional Christmas lights (battery operated at Walgreens) but a headlight and taillight for safety. I have a couple of extra lights I can lend just let me know. Bring the kids and grandkids to see Santa and then jump onboard for the second annual Team Boris/WGWW/Team Worcester Santa ride…..WooHoo..I mean HoHoHo

 Peace and Bikes

 Steve & Boris

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