Nat’s Weekend Race Report

Hi Steve,
Not sure where to start. Saturday was a disaster, I had a 51 mile road race on this course, (, 1st lap was real good I was on 6th wheel through the feed zone. During lap 2 we had a bad crash and the race was neutralized so we were back together, But once we were released it was such a scramble that there was another wreck, and I was right behind it. That was my race over. It got worse when I just tried to ride the last lap out, but got a flat in the front wheel. The best thing all day was my dad picking me up because 7 miles would have been a long walk back.
Lily went off 1st with the Lady’s Cat 4 and she did great!!
I forgot Coach Bob, he came 2nd in the men’s 60+.
Lily was a bit upset when she got cut off in a final corner but safety is important and she came 4th.
My race was intense! The hammer was down and Cat 3/ Cat 4 was fast. I was not sure who was in what class?? I tried to stay in the top group, first 15 riders. Dad and Coach Bb are shouting at me to move up. HOW.?.?.? There is no way through. I’m on my own out there and this is a really tight course. I hold my own and as they ring the bell for the last lap there’s a crash on the first corner. Only 3 rider’s go down and I get through. It’s Chaos. To be truthful – I rode as hard as I could to the finish line but until the results were read, I had no idea where I had come. 10th Overall in the race but 2nd in Cat 4. What can I say, I’m happy!!
Lily will post some pictures and I’m not racing next weekend so hopefully I can ride with you

Tenure by Martin Bayne

I found this on  It is by Martin Bayne and is just magnificent..enjoy





Next week marks my 3,652 day as an assisted living resident – my ten-year anniversary as a member of America’s Institutional Aging Community.

Statistically, only 1 in 25,000 residents over 55 survives that long. And when you  factor into this equation my Young-Onset Parkinson’s, Congestive Heart Failure and two Pulmonary Embolisms, the odds become astronomical. (My first order of business upon waking every morning  is to acknowledge, with gratitude and astonishment,  that I actually woke up!)

Yet, here I am, after 63 years, still inhaling and exhaling. Still setting my quality-of-life indicator at its highest setting — indicating that despite ravaging tremors, excruciating pain and a failing heart that often makes me fight for each breath, I not only refuse to lay down and die — I  still squeeze what joy and inspiration I can from these ten-trillion cells called Martin Bayne.

And how do I continue to put one foot in front of the other in this often-disappointing and painful journey I call my life? In a word: purpose.

Purpose is the magic elixir that trumps pain, transcends any notion of limitation and opens our minds and hearts to possibility.

It is also the single most accurate predictor of joy and fulfillment in an aging population.

Which brings me to the reason I wrote this post — to share my anniversary with you in a format of “incremental victories.”   To openly share the ten-faceted jewel of knowledge and wisdom I’ve been given in exchange for all the pain and tremors.  Guard it well.


1. With stillness, we lay the foundation. 

When the mind settles, we become clear.


2. With courage, we move forward-despite our fear.

An authentic warrior recognizes fear as an ally.


3. With forgiveness, we discover true freedom.

One-hundred-years from now, what difference will it make?


4. With insight, we accept the change of life’s seasons.

We come, we go.  Can you remember the face you had before you were born?


5. With gratitude, we honor our elders.

Who determines who is “young” and who is “old?” Why, you, of course.


6. With tenderness, we turn the stream of compassion within.

She who has herself as playmate, coach and advisor, is a fortunate woman.


7. With faith, we learn surrender.

Give your heart away completely. It will always find its way home, bearing gifts.


8. With mindfulness, we do just this thing, now.

Life in the past and future — the cruelest prison of all.


9. With generosity, we make ourselves available to serve.

When duality drops away, who is serving and who is being served?


10. With purpose, we acknowledge our mission.

Purpose is our map; determination the vehicle.


Copyright 2013 Martin Bayne

Lily’s Race Update

Hi Steve,
       WOW,what a weekend of racing!  I was 35 seconds behind at the first lap, but by lap 3 I had caught the pack & my competiton.  For the next 4 laps she sat on my wheel and would not take her turn that much!  As the race got close to the finish it was up hill and my legs had nothing left.  She pulled ahead and beat me about 1/2 a bike, (can’t say what I really thought about her winning).
     On Sunday we had a crash in the Junior race, and of course I got stuck behind them and we got split up, I could not get back in the race but still got 2nd place. It’s not very rewarding racing by yourself, but it’s good when you look back and have beaten most of the boys. CRASH…..BANG…..POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Dad should I enter the women’s race?…   Dad says yes, Coach Bob says yes.  I’m IN!!  I didn’t do too great but I finished.  It was “SSSSSOOOOO” hard 45 mins at race pace, but next Sunday I’m on for “Dade City Criterium”. On Tuesday I went down to the track, OMG it is so aggresive and fast. Nat did really well and WON the 3rd race. I’m so excited & blown away that Nat won.
   I can’t wait till next Tuesday.  It is electic, there is so much going on. Hope you like the pictures and videos I will send to you in another email.
P.S- Next week I’m racing.
                                                           Lily Worcester