Finding Epic

Finding Epic.

Nana Korobi Ya Oki

I will get back to that in a few minutes. In the beginning as Kathy and I would ride pretty much every outing was an epic ride. I remember when we first hit our ten mile mark we danced around high fiving each other and every other cyclist on the trail. You would have thought we had won the Tour de France. And in doing so we took ourselves out to celebrate that night. And of course we had a weeklong rest before our next epic ride of 10.5 miles. No, I am not kidding. In the early days Kathy would only allow us to advance our rides by the distance to the next farthest stop sign, intersection or light pole. Eventually we made it to Winter Garden and on that first arrival we became fast friends with David Politowicz and Winter Garden Wheel Works (WGWW).

From there we got invited to participate in the Tour de Cure coming up in a few months. Holy Cow, here we were, a couple of hard core noodle riders getting invited to participate in a big organized cycling event, a big ride. That was what we needed to “train” for the next few months so we could ride the “race” as we called it because to us this was as close as we would ever deserve to participate in something even remotely akin to a bike race. So in our minds this was our “race.” Bigger point being is that every ride we took leading up to the “race” became our training rides; we were riding for a bigger goal. It was a goal that had us nervous for months but also had us riding with verve and determination. David and WGWW welcomed us into the fold of “real cyclist.”

The big ride happened and we slogged along for 60+ miles. I rode a 45-pound mountain bike (blue bike, Boris’s twin) and Kathy rode her 30+ pound hybrid cruiser. Nothing fancy but we had determination. And when it was done we were part of a club, we rode in a big ride. This was a RAAM victory for us.

Riding and life move along with their own separate energies and waxing and waning motivations. Attempts to swim against the current often leads to frustration, malaise and in it’s worst manifestation, injuries. Best to in a Buddhist sense, just be here now. Accept what is going on and instead of working against it realize and take advantage of what the universe is trying to teach at that specific moment.

I say all of the preceding because I recently had to plan my time off for 2013, all of it. So before doing so I looked at all of the rides and races I had to table this year and put them all up on the front burner. I planned race/ride dates in conjunction with travel times and after consulting with Kathy and getting her blessing committed all of my vacation time to finishing up all of the unfinished ride/race business for this year. This is my new epic.

Now my riding has a purpose and direction. Besides supporting Team Boris and protecting our founding mission of “The No Spandex Required Beginners Ride/WGWW 8AM Shop Ride) I will now be riding and training for next years rides/races.

Each can find an epic ride to work towards. For Kathy and I in the beginning it was working towards getting to the lake and back (can’t forget the back part). Then it became the Tour de Cure. After that I went off on my quest for my upcoming epics. Kathy has become redirected with life and her epic right now is keeping the wheels on her bus while she juggles all of the issues related to her mom and the Gainesville situation. But, here is where her little Buddha comes out. Instead of railing against it and harboring disappointment with the fact that her cycling is not where it used to be she just accepts that this is what the universe needs her to do now.

Sit for a moment and discover an epic for yourself. There are no small epic rides. Make a goal for yourself and ride to achieve it. You do not have to share it but you do have to feel it and live it. Remember, our first epics took place a half-mile at a time. Your epic does not have to be distance, it can be situational. Get out of the house on the weekend and go for a bike ride. If that is your epic then Team Boris will be there to help you achieve it. If you want to race a mountain bike 104 miles at 12,000 feet in Colorado then Team Boris will be there to help you achieve that also. Triathlon before your next birthday, we got folks here to help. If your epic is to ride 10 miles then sit at Axum and drink coffee before hitting the farmers market we are your bike team. Of course epics are personal things so if you want to do these things but want to keep it to yourself that is perfect and good also.

Nana Korobi Ya Oki: “Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight.”

Peace and Bikes

Steve & Boris